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About us


Craig Walker

Position: Director

Craig Walker has been in the entertainment industry from when he was 15. As a DJ craig worked his way up the industry till finally he was able to command the best gigs and perform internationally with the largest clubs. He often played to nights of 3000 people and took his unique entertainment style to the party scene, finally ending up in Newquay working the largest clubs throughout the seasons.
After retiring the DJ scene he resurrected Cornwall Entertainment along with Katie to offer a simply unmatched service for events in and around Cornwall.
Craig continues to develop new and exciting entertainment solutions for all events and parties and strives to make sure that Cornwall Entertainment provides unrivalled service both in variety, professionalism and cost.

Katie Walker

Position: Director

Katie is a relative newcomer to the entertainment industry, but has managed to thrive with her natural ability to innovate and create professional exciting solutions for events county wide.
Katie produces high quality and intricate options for all organisers to offer the very best to their guests. Katie loves the wedding market and spends lots of time fine tuning any package with the bride and groom in order to make their special day just a little more special. Katie believes that the success is in the detail and will stop at nothing to help out.

Daniel Blewett

Position: Manager / Shareholder

Dan is a new member of the team and joined us in 2017 as manager and shareholder. Dan brings a unique set of skills to the team and his knowledge of logistics has meant that he ensures all items arrive on time and in order, as they should to every event. Dan takes customer service very seriously and stops at nothing to make sure our customers are always happy. His professionalism has already been noticed by all of our customers both old and new and he loves being part of the team that deliver those little bits of happiness during events. Dan's logistical knowledge and creativity have empowered Cornwall Entertainment's 100% track record of continued ability to provide nothing short of perfectionism!

Adrian Palmer

Adrian joined Cornwall entertainment last summer and is relatively new to scene however his close friendship with Dan means that they collaborate work ideas together and can work as part of an effective team. With Adrian working in the retail market for the last 20 years he has great ideas for the business and above all else "Customer Service First".

Charlie Campbell

Position: Apprentice

Charlie is new to the entertainment industry, having joined Cornwall Entertainment as an apprentice in July 2017. Charlie's youth and energy supports the rest of the team in providing a professional and excellent service.

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