Air Graffiti

Air Graffiti is an 8' X 10' Interactive photo booth that adds a WOW factor to your events. Party guests step in front of the massive screen where we take their photo and before they can step away from the screen a life size image appears. The reaction as they turn around to see themselves and their friends is priceless. Next, we hand them the digital spray cans and in just a few seconds they are using their creativity and the broad pallet of colors to spray paint there names, funny lines, or using the digital stamps and stencils to create works of art. After a some fun and laughter save the image, share it on facebook, email it, and print a copy in lab quality prints for everyone in the group in just seconds. Now that's cool!


  • In everything we do we believe we should create an amazing experience, share to social channels and give the guest something physical to take away as a memento of the event.
  • Every guest using the Spray Paint Wall is given a print of their artwork. The print out is branded with a customised background.
  • Designs can be printed instantly from the wall onto premium photo paper using super-fast sub dye printing. These prints can then be taken home by your guests as a fun souvenir of your event.
  • E-mail: Your guest can email their artwork instantly from the wall. Watch your guests’ amazement as they open the email and see their image in the inbox. The email is fully customisable. You can pre-define the subject, the reply address – everything! Guests will immediately forward the artwork (and your branding) to their friends and family.
  • Want to collect data? Just ask us to enable our ‘save emails’ feature and these will be given to you at the end of the event.
  • Instagram Feature: Our hashtag feature adds a new dimension to Spray Paint Wall.
  • Guests take a selfie using their own device then share it on Instagram using the event specific hashtag. The Spray Paint Wall monitors for the hashtag and loads the guests photo into the wall for them to add to their artwork. Amazeballs!