Jet Chill

Jet Chill The worlds first and only Smoking drinks system.

The world’s first Machine that creates dry ice powder. Quick, easy and safe to operate. At the push of a button the Twin Probe will create two dry ice charges in 10 seconds. This dry ice charge can be used to create amazing theatre for food and drink service. The dry ice has a number of applications, from chilled smoking drinks, to carbonating drinks and smoking ice creams. JetChill will excite your Customers and guests and ensures they have a time to remember and talk about for months


  • Great for creating lasting memories
  • * Welcome drinks
  • * Party Drinks
  • * Alcoholic and Non Alcoholic available
  • * Cocktails
  • * Corporate Welcome Drinks
  • * Toasting Glasses with a difference
  • * Portable system so can go anywhere

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