Magic Mirror

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Elegant, modern and simply classy, the Magic Mirror is a unique photo-based experience that is perfect for any event!
Using a two-way mirror, the guest can see their reflection just like a normal mirror. Suddenly, the mirror will spark to life and interactive elements can be displayed on-screen inviting guests at your event to interact. You can even make it all happen just by waving your hands
Once the guest activates the mirror it will then display customised messages, animations and calls to action to encourage guests to do crazy things and pose for photos!
After the photos are taken, the magical mirror then displays a message asking the guest to sign or leave a message on their photos. These images can then be printed instantly

The Mirror
The Magic Mirror photo booth is a one-of-a-kind, unique and stylish photo booth that fits in well with any event, and is 100% customisable. It has a small footprint to get into the tightest spaces and does not compromise on interactivity. See our features playlist.

The User Experience
The user experience is 100% customisable. You decide which animations and which features play in which order.

The Prints
Guests take away photos from the Magic Mirror. Prints are branded with custom messages, logos and graphics. Choose from a range of print sizes and orientations, custom brand the photos to create fully-branded giveaways.


  • Simply amazing for all ages and events
  • Great for weddings and parties
  • Fully interactive
  • Corporate Branding available
  • Instant Prints
  • Childrens animations available