Prosecco Tuk Tuk

Prosecco Tuk Tuk is the very best fun to have at your event. with lots of options for weddings, parties events and hotels. We can Taylor a package from "dry" hire through to fully provided welcome drinks and are all staffed by our award winning hospitality staff.
Options Include lots of different pa pages that can be made to suit your particular event


  • Option 1
  • * Sell by the glass
  • * Best for events
  • This option is great for fetes, events, corporate clients and pay per go options. Our staff will make sure that all drinks are served to perfection with a smile
  • Option 2
  • * Welcome drinks package
  • * pre paid for desired amount of drinks
  • * Ready when you are
  • This is probably our most popular package. We attend up to your event with prebooked barrels at an agreed price. It’s a great addition to a bar and goes down unbelievably well at weddings and parties. We also carry just a few more glasses just in case
  • Option 3
  • "dry" hire.
  • This is just hiring the Tuk Tuk and staff but putting your own Prosecco in the event so as not to cause issue with hotel take etc. We also hire directly to bar companies for that little something extra
  • all supplies can be bought from us or direct from suppliers. Barrels of Prosecco are very profitable indeed! We will attend the venue, ensure everything is present and correct and working and leave you to it. This option has been a revelation to many hotels and pubs during busy periods and functions.

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